• Kelly Smith

Successful Solo-Entrepreneurs Don't Go It Alone

Successful businesses require a village of experts to grow, sustain, adapt, innovate, and nurture it to profitability and exponential growth. Solo-entrepreneurs know this better than anyone. The difference between a successful solo-entrepreneur and an unsuccessful solo-entrepreneur is in their team, which is made up of three categories.

The common misconception is that solopreneurs, or solo business owners, are the only people involved in the business. While successful Solopreneurs don't have a staff of people to fall back on or brainstorm with, they rely on a core group of people to help them run the business. These people fall into one of three categories, and oftentimes, they overlap: Colleague, Team, or Support.

The strength (not size) of the Solopreneur's core group: Colleagues, Team, & Support, will determine how successful and sustainable the business will be.

Colleague: A person with whom one works in a profession or business.

Spoiler: This is not exclusive to those working in a larger company.

As a solo-entrepreneur, your colleagues are other solo-entrepreneurs in your sphere of influence, people in complimentary industries as you, those serving a similar audience, for example. Likely, you struggle with similar business related topics, or at the very least, could find approximately 10 things in common with one another related to work as an entrepreneur. Colleagues often become your very best referral partners, sometimes clients, and will be happy to speak up on your behalf when you need it. Seek to make friends with those whom you can consider colleagues. The perks: It makes work so much more fun and collaborative. Even the introverts recognize the need for colleagues (sometimes).

Team: A number of persons associated together in work or activity.

Spoiler: Define what YOU do best, and outsource the rest.

You can remain a solo business owner and do the work that you absolutely love to do and outsource the drudgery to someone who loves doing that kind of work. Skip the payroll taxes and stress of managing an employee and hire a contractor. It is really that simple and their are a few fantastic companies who will pair you up with incredible talent in a variety of industries. Categories to outsource include, accounting & bookkeeping, administrative tasks, marketing services, social media content creation, copywriting, website development & management, operational support, graphic design, leadership coaching for up'ing your game, and so much more. The list is endless and there is so much evidence supporting the argument for delegating & outsourcing. If you're scared to hand over the keys to your kingdom, read this. (And if you need a referral, drop us a line... we have a wide network of exceptional business owners in these categories and more).

Support: A thing that bears the weight of something or keeps it upright.

Spoiler: We need each other. We need trusted advisors, mentors, and peers to keep us headed toward our true North.

Your squad, your people, your support are the people who cheer you on, help you problem solve, and keep you moving toward your goal. They know you. They've seen behind the curtain of your business and they propel you forward with feedback, encouragement, and accountability. Every successful Solopreneur knows that this particular group of people is a big reason for their success. If you're trying, there will be failures. If you're growing, their will be discomfort. If you're successful, their will be fears. Your supporters will remind you of your Why, will ground you when you need it, and hold space for you. And you will do the same for them. These people may come to mind naturally for you. If not, seek out a mastermind group from a reputable organization like this one, or send us a message and we can connect you!

A good Solopreneur knows that they won't be successful by going it alone. A great Solopreneur invests time and money in their Colleagues, their Team, and their Support.

If you're a Solopreneur, how would you rate your three categories? Where do you need to invest. If you're not sure, or if it isn't immediately clear to you, think about the pain points of your business. A few questions:

  1. What's keeping you up at night?

  2. Do you feel lonely at work?

  3. Are you struggling with a work problem you can't seem to solve?

  4. Are you in a creative slump?

  5. When was the last time you shared a business goal or idea with someone other than your partner or spouse?

Your answers will point you to investing your time and energy in one of the three categories: Colleagues, Team, or Support.

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