• Kelly Smith

Tips For Working With Your Virtual Marketing Team

First of all, take a moment to pat yourself on the back. If you’ve hired admin support or marketing support, your business is killin‘ it and you know the value of your time. This is a big milestone! Congratulations!

Now that you’ve hired some help and outsourced your marketing needs, here are a few tips that’ll set both parties up for success for a long, healthy, happy partnership.

Tip #1 - Set Clear Expectations

What are you hoping to achieve? is your marketing team on the same page? Does everyone know what mark they’re supposed to hit, by when, with whom, and for how much? If not, you’re in for some trouble and some tension down the road. Take the time to plan out your company’s goals and ambitions (together) and talk openly about the tactics, methods and tools that are part of achieving those goals.

Tip #2 - Be The Expert

I tell my clients that “I’m not the expert, you’re the expert!” And I mean it. The most important part of a great marketers job is to listen to the clients dreams and aspirations. I listen to my clients more than I talk to them, and frankly it’s what makes us successful. The more I feel their passion for their product/service, the more I believe in their “why,” the better I can find the right people to connect to their product offering, and the better I know how to market their brand.

Tip #3 - Let Go

MmmHmmmm. Yep, you gotta hand over the keys. This is especially hard for the solopreneu because a) they’re used to doing it themselves, and b) its hard to trust another with your “baby.” A good marketer will keep you informed and happy with the progress. A great marketer will make you feel relieved, free, and inspired to create more of what it is that you’re passionate about. Trust that your marketing team has your best interest in mind and that they know how to effectively and aunthentically market your brand to the right people at the right time in the right way.

Tip #4 - Communicate

The very best piece of advice I can give is to be totally honest and communicate your fears and worries up front. Total transparency is the thing that will make your relationship rock solid (In business and in other relationships, but that’s another blog post for another day). Your marketing team wants you to have a fabulous experience and see the kind of results you’re hoping for! If you’re worried, unsure about something, not seeing the kind of ROI in the timeframe you expected, just talk about it. A great marketer will have the answers you need, and if they don’t, you need a new team!

Outsourcing is 100% the way to go in order to scale, grow, or relieve the overwhelm in your business. Don’t let fear stop you. Invest in your business, invest in your value, do what YOU can do well and outsource the rest.

Enjoy the journey!