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We teach & execute marketing strategies so entrepreneurs feel confident, clear, and motivated to find their Ideal Clients and leave a lasting impact.​

There’s an audience who wants what you offer and they’re relieved when they find you. They say things like “This is exactly what I needed,” or “How did you read my mind?”


Connecting you to your Ideal Client is simple: It's about honestly & authentically promoting the value that meets a need, solves real problems, and improves people's lives.

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Good Marketing
Makes Value Visible

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The Strategy Session
Get clear on the value of your offer, who your ideal client is, what they need from you, and how to reach them. You get a complete content marketing strategy and a system to execute it in two hours a week or less.

Monthly Marketing Support
Outsource your marketing efforts to us. We'll create your social media content, email newsletters, edit & publish your blog, track the metrics that matter, and more. 

Marketing Consulting
You just need someone to tell you what to do and how to do it so that you can realize the business growth you're looking for. We'll make you a customized marketing strategy plan and walk with you as you (or your VA) executes it.


"Working with Kelly really clarified the unfamiliar area of marketing to bite-size pieces that I can tackle as a solo practitioner. I don't like the idea of "selling" but she explained how to show up in online spaces in an effective way to meet the people that are looking for what I offer. She is very pleasant and an effective communicator."

~ Danelle Williams, President, Edgeworks Management

"Kelly says 'send me what you have and I'm going to make something of it.' She can capture the various expansive, wide-ranging, seemingly disconnected thoughts and ideas, make sense of them, then return them to me in a beautiful comprehensive package that doesn't overwhelm me.
Kelly eliminates the overwhelm & frustration of running a business."

~ Aubrey Armes, Chief Change Officer, Awaken Your Greatness

"Kelly is fierce, intelligent, and gifted with her understanding of how to make the most of who you are and your company. She listens with intent, she guides you to places you never had seen or thought possible for your company, but mostly, TRUST.
I have already seen the difference in my company, my followers and mostly, REVENUE. When you put TRUST & REVENUE together you have success. And that is what you get when you hire Willow & Oak Solutions. Could not be more pleased putting my MARKETING in her companies hand."

~ Jennifer Mastor, Founder & Owner, Mastor Recruiting & Consulting



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