We work with small business owners and solo-entrepreneurs.

We help our clients meet the needs of others by creating thoughtful content marketing that resonates with their desired audience. 


  • Aubrey Armes, Chief Change Officer, Awaken Your Greatness

    "Kelly says 'send me what you have and I'm going to make something of it.' She can capture the various expansive, wide-ranging, seemingly disconnected thoughts and ideas, make sense of them, then return them to me in a beautiful comprehensive package that doesn't overwhelm me.


    Kelly eliminates the overwhelm & frustration of running a business."

  • Brad Allen, Founder & President, AditNW

    "Kelly/Willow and Oak was exactly what I needed to push forward with my startup business. Kelly was like a business partner, there to make the business successful as if it were her own.The website she set up was top-notch and provided a seamless customer experience.  She has a broad range of skills and experience that makes any small business owner so much more productive."

  • Brittany S., Owner, ZandT Holdings

    "Kelly is a GEM! She has revolutionized not only my business, but how I organize my day. She has brought insight, industry wisdom, and great how-to's on keeping my business profitable & productive. Her attention to detail, positive energy, and big ideas are just a few of the reasons I love working with her. That, and, she's just so darn genuine and kind. If you need help organizing and creating a scalable/efficient brand, Kelly is your gal!"

  • Danelle Williams, President, Edgeworks Management

    "Working with Kelly really clarified the unfamiliar area of marketing to bite-size pieces that I can tackle as a solo practitioner. I don't like the idea of "selling" but she explained how to show up in online spaces in an effective way to meet the people that are looking for what I offer. She is very pleasant and an effective communicator."

  • Denise Gabel, Chief Change Agent, The Denise

    "It's not often that you find someone who cares about your business the way you do. Kelly does. She is high energy, responsive, and determined to help you grow your business. She's a master at organization, search engines, and putting systems in place. You'll have a great time working with Kelly too. She's the real deal and a great talent."

  • Laurie Nichols, RLP, CPC, ELI-MP, Succession Planning With Heart

    “I can't thank Kelly enough for the strategic focus she brought to marketing my business. I engaged Kelly at a pivotal point in my business. Her expertise and approach to marketing strategy were invaluable to me then and now. So appreciated walking away with clarity on my niche and an actionable plan with a 12 month content plan. I can't say enough about how fantastic she and the entire experience were."

  • Lisa Downs, Founder & President, Your New Aspect Coaching

    “Working with Kelly gave me a concrete social media plan so I know what to focus on for my content marketing, an area that has been a struggle for me. It now seems do-able and not as daunting as I was expecting. Also, by focusing with me on what my ideal clients look like in detail, I now have information I can use for both content creation and to share with my referral partners for who I target for my work.”

  • Robert V. Boeshaar, Attorney at Law, LL.M., PLLC, Boeshaar Law

    "Kelly has helped us effectively promote and enhance our brand with our social media marketing campaign to generate top-of-mind awareness and thought-leadership.  We have seen a substantial increase in qualified leads from people who want to engage our services.  I would recommend her to anyone wanting to enhance the effectiveness of their marketing."

  • Stacia Hofmann, JD, ARM, Founder, Cornerpoint Law

    “I originally met Kelly through our involvement in Women Business Owners and was immediately impressed by her marketing, administrative, and business planning skills. I retained Willow & Oak for several of my own business projects. Kelly took the time to understand my preferences and vision and customized administrative and communication solutions that work incredibly well for me. Thank you, Kelly and Willow & Oak!”

  • Stacy D. Heard, Founder, The Law Office of Stacy D. Heard, PLLC 

    "I have been working with Willow and Oak for approximately one year after having had a bad experience with a large marketing company. Willow and Oak's founder, Kelly, has been a delight to work with. She is creative, takes action, holds me accountable for my "homework" and has a vast business network for my other needs. Since hiring Kelly, I have been able to focus more on my work. She has and does meet my needs, far exceeding my expectations."

  • Suzanne Fortune, Suzanne Fortune Realty 

    "Kelly is more than a great Marketer. She's a business partner who sees the potential and the value in your business and in you, the entrepreneur.


    Kelly's content marketing services generate revenue, and a lot of it!


    I've had the most successful year of my entire career, largely in part to the work that Kelly and I have done together. Kelly is a 'soft place to land' in the world of entrepreneurship which can be grueling at times. She's fun to work with and provides focus, clarity and the reframes necessary to make wise business decisions. Hiring Kelly is a great investment for long-term, sustainable business growth."

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