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monthly marketing


Goal Setting & Strategy Session

  • We'll start with a strategy meeting to identify your Ideal Client, align what you offer with what they need, and develop a content marketing plan that resonates with them. This is the plan that will Grow Your Business!

Content Creation & Management

  • We create your social media graphics, copy, hashtags, and deliver them to the right platforms at the right times

  • We'll edit and post your blog posts

  • We'll develop and create your email marketing newsletters

  • We'll produce your podcast and ensure you're found on Itunes, Sticher, Google Podcasts, and Spotify

  • We'll edit your Whitepapers, eBooks, and Webinars, so you have an objective perspective

  • We'll help you create your Digital Course and develop the launch plan

Monthly Analytics & KPIs

  • Social Media Performance

  • Digital Ad Performance

  • Email Marketing Performance

  • Podcast, Blog, or Video Performance

  • Recommendations for 


Strategy session

The Strategy Session delivers clarity and confidence. You'll know exactly who your Ideal Client is so that you can create compelling content that resonates with them on a regular cadence. We align what you offer with who you seek to serve and eliminate any confusion about how to reach them.

  • You'll do a little homework, I'll do a little homework, and we'll meet for a half-day deep dive meeting. 

  • We'll identify what you bring to the table, who your ideal client is and the problem you solve, and we'll determine the ways for you to reach more people. 

  • I'll synthesize our findings and present your marketing strategy and we'll have a 1 hour follow up call to ensure you know exactly what to do next.


Marketing Coaching with Kelly

Good Marketing results in more revenue, better brand perception, and increased market share. Kelly teaches you the simple, sustainable, honest ways to grow your business in two hours a week or less.

Coaching includes 2 one-hour meetings per month for three months and covers the following:

  • Establish your marketing strategy (once and for all) so that you’re no longer throwing spaghetti at the wall & hoping it sticks.

  • Determine your marketing schedule so you spend 2 hours a week or less on marketing.

  • Teaches you how to repurpose existing content to “feed” multiple outlets (social media, email marketing, webinars, videos, etc)

  • Teaches you how to batch and automate your social media posts so you spend less time posting & more time engaging

  • Learn how to create email newsletters that people LOVE to read and forward to their network

  • Learn how to read your metrics to see if you’re content is resonating with your audience and growing your business

  • Enjoy more confidence as you level up your status in your industry and show up like the boss you are


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training & Speaking

A customized, interactive group Strategy Session which teaches your team how to confidently market themselves to the right audience. Perfect for Financial Advisors, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, and others who manage their own book of revenue. 

  • We'll identify annual goals and the weekly tactics that support reaching those goals

  • We'll identify your core content and key themes that your team should be addressing in their marketing material

  • We'll craft authentic, personalized messaging that aligns with your purpose for doing business and resonates with your ideal client.

  • We'll finish with a monthly content calendar to keep each person on track to deliver what's necessary to grow their book of business.

  • Training on how to implement your marketing strategy in just 2 hours a week or less.

Sought out for her unique perspective on generous & honest marketing, Kelly engages and motivates her audience to see things with fresh eyes and leaves them with a desire to hit the ground running. She inspires and equips her audience to grow their business with ease, excitement and renewed inspiration. 

Presentation Topics Include:

  • Eliminating the Overwhelm of Social Media Marketing

  • Creating Your One Year Marketing Strategy Plan

  • Achieving Exponential Revenue Growth Year-over-Year

Kelly shares best practices to hitting multiple six figure revenue numbers, activities that sabotage your growth plan (lessons learned), revenue producing marketing tactics (of course), and the attitude adjustments she's found necessary for big business growth. 

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