• Kelly Smith

What I Learned After Not Drinking Alcohol For A Year

In February, 2020 I decided to cut out alcohol entirely. After a conversation with my husband, Jayme, we both realized that we'd been moderately drinking alcohol for over two decades with the exceptions of my two pregnancies, and realized that our bodies could probably use a break. We wanted to prioritize our health and set a better example for our kids about what healthy living could look like.

Additionally, I wanted to give myself the best odds for hitting some major business goals. I had a growth goal which required me to show up in a big and better way in my business. It was time for an experiment:

What would happen if I eliminated distractions and activities that were keeping me from being as clear-headed and focused as possible? How would I feel?

I would feel like I gave it 100% and if I didn't hit my goals, I'd still be proud of the effort.