• Kelly Smith

Good Marketing Requires This First

Entrepreneurs eager to grow their businesses are curious about ways to grow their audience, elevate their brand, and generate qualified leads.

Whether you're in the building stage, the growing stage, or the maintaining stage, no one will argue that consistent, thoughtful marketing is a must, and no credible business will ever stop marketing their business altogether.

We, the entrepreneurial collective, stress the importance of a great marketing campaign as a catalyst to attract qualified leads and build an audience. Marketers teach tactics and share statistics of how to craft thoughtful & productive campaigns. But often overlooked is the mindset necessary to produce the kind of content that really good marketing is made of, and it's the necessary first step before launching a successful marketing campaign.

The most robust marketing strategy in the world will deliver negligible results if you're not willing to go all in. One must push past the fear of being seen and judged before they can really grow a business.

Vulnerability is hard. It requires courage to be seen. Announcing a new idea, owning a thought, planting your flag in a set of ideals, and even posting a photo of yourself on social media require a certain level of commitment that require a posture of "no going back."

It's necessary. Say the bold thing. Post the photo. Own your position.

Good marketing opens doors because it shows people who you are, what you stand for, and how you can impact the change they want to see in their lives.

So what are the required ingredients for the necessary mindset to produce successful, sustainable marketing content?

Confidence: A self-assuredness in what you know and the wisdom that you can impart.

Humility: Owning where your expertise begins and ends.

Open-mindedness: Business & life coaches sometimes call this "coachability" - are you able to be open to the possibility of what could be even if you can't see the end result clearly?

Empathy: It's really not about you. It's about understanding where others are at in their journey and what they need from you.

Commitment: Marketing is not a one-and-done system. Keep going.

Humor: Let yourself have a good time and roll with it when it doesn't go as planned. Careful, you may find a new creative outlet!

I've validated and refined my processes. I know what's necessary to get the kind of growth my clients are looking for. It always involves showing others a peek behind the curtain because people want to know the real you. Your ideal clients are asking...

  • Who are you?

  • What's it like to work with you?

  • How do you run your business?

  • What do you value and does it align with my values?

  • Who are you championing?

  • When is the right time for me to pull the trigger and commit?

It's necessary to overcome the desire to want to hide if you want people to want to work with you.

Stock photos will only get you so far. If you don't like your selfies, schedule a photo shoot (I know a great photographer).

Here are a few real-life results of my clients who committed to and saw the value in being front & center in their marketing materials:

  1. A client roster that doubled with the right type of clients.

  2. Significant revenue growth and a vision for what's possible on a bigger scale.

  3. Consistently booked speaking gigs

  4. Being sought out after being found on a variety of platforms

  5. Starting a wait list of clients

  6. 411% growth in followers with 10% average engagement (on one platform) over one year (organic ... no paid ads)

  7. Confidence in themselves and what they deliver

  8. Proficiency in what was once terrifying (read: showing up on video)

  9. Consistent growth in followers, engagement, and prospecting calls each month

  10. Public recognition as a thought leader by their peers

*Results. Are. Typical.

These are client success stories. There are so many more stories filled with opportunity and potential and they are direct results from saying "yes" to letting themselves be seen and getting past their fears of putting themselves out there.

Your turn. If you want the kind of business growth you desire, then are you willing to produce the kind of content your ideal clients want to see? If you find this truly hard to commit to, reach out to me for a pep talk. It may be just the conversation you need to get the boost of confidence necessary for getting your desired result.

Thanks for being here,

Kelly Smith

Owner, Willow & Oak Business Solutions