• Kelly Smith

Types of Content Marketing & Choosing the Best Ones For Your Business

Content marketing is a catch all phrase for the material you create that represents your business and your brand that you share with the world. Ideally, you're creating materials that appeal to, educate, and inspire your Ideal Clients. When done well, content marketing is educational, it solves a real problem, adds significant value, and it's FREE!

The purpose of content marketing is to provide consistent exposure of your brand to a desired audience over time.

The different types of content marketing are endless, however choosing a specific few and committing to consistently showing up on those platforms will generate qualified leads and build an engaged audience over time.

Here are 14 examples of content marketing platforms (and there are many more):

  1. Blog

  2. Podcast

  3. Video

  4. Webinar

  5. Email Marketing

  6. Social Media

  7. Ebook

  8. Whitepaper

  9. Free Consultation

  10. Lead Magnets

  11. Free Guides

  12. Checklists

  13. Presentation Slides

  14. Infographics

Again, content marketing is the term used to describe the material you create that represents your business and your brand that you share with the world.

There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing what platform to use to share your content with the world. Realistically, it comes down to a combination of:

  1. What comes naturally to you,

  2. What you sell, and

  3. Who your ideal client is

Marketers will argue over which of these three are more important. Frankly, all of them are important and must be considered but you're more likely to stick with it if it's something that comes naturally to you. Showing up in whatever modality you choose is critical to a successful marketing plan.

I Could Do A Blog, I Suppose, Maybe...

If the idea of sitting in front of a computer screen and writing a blog post makes you want to pull your eyelashes out, then blogging isn't for you. It will show in your copy and it will feel like drudgery every time. You'll procrastinate and it will be "that thing" that nags at you every month. You have our permission to skip it an pick something that appeals to you. If you're an extrovert who loves a good conversation, you may very well love hosting a podcast. Podcasting is a fantastic form of long-form content that is easy to access and digest for your audience. You don't have to have a blog; Pick something you'll look forward to doing and you'll show up and add valuable education & insights every time.

My Ideal Clients would really love to read a blog... I just can't get excited about it...

What if your Ideal Clients prefer a blog and don't really listen to podcasts? Well, then you have options. My recommendation in this case would be to move forward with the podcast and use a tool like rev.com to transcribe your verbal, podcast episode into written format. You'll still need to edit the written version, but this is a task that should be outsourced to an an assistant or your marketing team because you have better things to do with your time than transcribe your podcast into compelling & exciting blog copy.

What do you sell?

If you have a physical product that needs a demonstration, showing up on video regularly is a must. Welcome to the world of Youtube and vlogging. If your services require a demonstration to really communicate the value, then you just gotta show up on video. Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, IGTV, Youtube, all great platforms for you.

Here are a few ideas, by personality type and by industry, which may help you choose where to start:

If you're struggling to decide which type of content marketing is right for you and your business, send us a note! We'll ask you some clarifying questions and help you decide what's right for you. It's a free service that we offer because we know how hard it is to decide, and we want you to be wildly successful!

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~Kelly Smith

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