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Plan Your Content Intentionally & With Ease

  • Purposeful planning will make creating valuable content simple & easy!

  • Identify the themes essential to your business and to your Ideal Client.

  • Know exactly what to talk about when you create content for social media.

  • Space for 30 topic categories completely customized to your business and your expertise.

  • Ideate new lead magnet ideas to implement over time to grow your audience.

  • Writing prompts to help you hone your message with purpose and intention.

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30 Days of social media ideas for business owners

  • Post with purpose & intention. Don't post just because you think you should.

  • Post to genuinely connect with others.

  • Post to add value to others' lives. #bethegood

  • Post to drive traffic to "bigger" content (blog posts, podcasts, or a webinar, for example)

  • Post to start or participate in a larger conversation

  • Post to let people get to know the real you #authenticity