Save time. Save money. Save energy. 

"Define what YOU do best, and outsource the rest."


- Kelly Smith, CEO Willow & Oak Business Solutions

By outsourcing the areas of your business that are causing frustration & overwhelm,

you'll gain Time, Energy, and Motivation to do what's most important to

be the Visionary you need to be.

What You Have

  •  A Big Idea that you’re really excited about but are overwhelmed with how to make it a reality

  • A new service that you want to bring to market, but you’re not sure how to share it with the right people.

  • The feeling like you’re stuck in a rut in your business: You want growth but don’t know where to start

  • So much business and growth that you are frazzled and left with no time to manage your business

  • No idea how to use social media to build engagement

  • No structure to your work - load leaving you feeling overwhelmed and unsure where your time went.

What You Want

  • To make your big idea a reality, but all you see are obstacles in your way

  • A marketing plan that authentically delivers your services to the right people, at the right time, in the right platforms, for maximum ROI

  • New tools to get you motivated, inspired and ready to leap boldly into the next phase of your business

  • Someone to just “HANDLE IT!” 

  • Someone to just "do the social media" for you and take it off of your plate, while knowing that you’re putting out on-brand, valuable, engaging content

  • To know that at the end of each day you used your time productively and efficiently and that it was all worth it

What I Have

  • Tools, methods, training, to make Big Ideas into goals… then into an action plan....then into a To-Do list. (pssst, you can buy the tool…)

  • Custom Marketing Planning capabilities, complete with analytics to show you how your marketing tactics are improving your profits

  • A fresh set of eyes to see the gaps and strengths of your business, a keen understanding how to create multiple revenue streams, and tools to help you determine your next goal or sales channels.

  • Experience and proven results to take on the day-to-day operations that are causing you frustration & overwhelm.

  • I’ll create your content and post it at the frequency that works best for you after we audit your platforms for maximum ROI and build a social media strategy. Consider it done.

  • Game changing time management tips and tricks to show you that will keep you laser focused, productive and balanced.

Finding and paying for a full time employee is expensive, time consuming, and can distract from your most value-added activities.

In many cases it's not always necessary.  

Outsourcing your business planning and marketing services will save you countless valuable hours and thousands of dollars each year while 

having the benefit of a B2B partner.



  • We use our own equipment at no cost to you

  • Your information is completely confidential and safe

  • Our partnership allows for unique perspective on business strategy solutions.

  • You get access to our business network and highly qualified and vetted vendors.

  • You don't have the obligations that come with managing an employee

  • Rely on a B2B relationship

  • You set the area of focus and the pace in which we accomplish your goals.