• Kelly Smith

Using SMART Goals for Strategy Planning

No doubt, we love SMART Goals over here. When used with intention, they can turn the biggest dream into a action plan. When thinking about your business’ strategies, consider using SMART Goals to help you clearly define the tactics in which to support your strategy.

We’re planning big things for 2019, and we rely on SMART Goal methodology to help us think through really tough questions.

  • Does going after this goal really line up with our value proposition?

  • Does spending energy, money, and time on this goal provide a valuable return?

  • What are the obstacles in the way of succeeding - human resources, money, time, materials?

There are plenty of ways to work through SMART Goals on your own, but in order to offer a solution for my clients, I developed a tool that answers all of these questions and so many more. This is a multi-functional tool that provides questions and prompts for you to weigh your goal against the reality of success. It takes the guess-work out of having to “hope to hit the target.” Hope is not a strategy, as we well know. Prepare, focus, deliver and you’ll hit it every time.

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