• Kelly Smith

My Biggest Secret For Growing Your Business

If I had to claim a secret sauce, this would be it. I’m sharing it with you, for free! I want you to succeed and I want to provide you with tools and skills that make a profitable business.

Here’s the secret: You Already Know Your Next Client.

That’s right, you read that right. You know your next client because they’re already connected to your network. I preach to my clients about the importance of Nurturing Their Network. It’s the most important thing that an entrepreneur can do to achieve business growth and I built a tool for entrepreneurs to use to be sure they’re Nurturing Their Network!

Here’s how this philosophy plays out in the real world:

You have 500+ people in your LinkedIn network. Statistically, ten percent of those people may be truly valuable to growing your business. It’s those folks who will either:

  1. Refer you within their own network, keeping you top of mind when the time presents itself

  2. Actually need what you’re offering and become a direct buyer of your product or service

  3. Strategically partner with you to share platforms and gain market share in each other’s similar target market

Action Step: Do a critical sweep of your LinkedIn connections and determine the ones who are likely to refer you, likely to buy from you, or likely to partner with you.

Take it a step further and learn how to truly Nurture Your Network. Get my customized Workbook that provides 12 months of how to stay in touch with your beloved network, scripts to copy and paste and email out to your network, the communication plan that breaks down your existing network into the funnels showing you who will likely Consider or Convert.

I’ve taken the fear and procrastination out of reaching out to your network. People don’t reach out because they don’t want to be seen as pushy, phony, or off-putting. I assure you, you are none of these and the Nurture Your Network Workbook walks you through the proper way to engage your already interested network with confidence.