We work with small business owners and solo-entrepreneurs.

We create content marketing strategy then implement that strategy consistently. 

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We donate 3% of our monthly revenue to Charity:Water because we feel that clean, safe drinking water should be a basic human right. 

Currently, 663 Million people do not have access to clean water, and at Willow & Oak, we feel this is not acceptable. Did you know that for only $30 per month one person gets access to clean water? It's true! 

To find out more about the ways that Charity:Water is bringing clean, safe water to people who need it, read more here.



We value authenticity, integrity and relentlessly seek improvement.

We believe that success is found in the details and flawless execution.

We believe in leading by example and in the betterment of the greater good.

We are flexible and think that simple is better.

We value innovation and use technology to work smarter, not harder.

We believe in work-life balance.

We think that work should be fun, creative, and leave you feeling renewed and excited.

We treat our client's businesses like they are our own businesses and relentlessly pursue solutions to achieve their measurement of success.

We appreciate the opportunity to meet new people and collaborate.

We believe in partnership and teamwork.

We think it's better to bend like the Willow than to break like the Oak, while keeping our roots firmly planted.  

And most importantly, gratitude in everything.